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Product Description

Introducing our Robust Barbell Stand, the perfect solution for storing and organizing your Olympic barbells. With its durable construction and thoughtful design, this stand offers a reliable and convenient storage solution for your barbells.

Weighing a total of 32 kg, our Barbell Stand strikes the perfect balance between stability and portability. The weight provides a sturdy foundation, ensuring that your barbells are securely held in place, while still allowing for easy movement and positioning within your workout space.

With its sturdy looks, the Barbell Stand not only offers functionality but also adds a touch of style to your gym or training area. The stand's robust construction exudes durability and reliability, making it a standout piece of equipment that can withstand the demands of intense workouts.

The Barbell Stand is equipped with nine barbell holders, providing ample space for storing your Olympic barbells. This feature allows for easy access to your barbells and keeps them organized and protected, reducing clutter and maximizing efficiency during your workouts.

Additionally, our Barbell Stand features an extra drawer specifically designed for barbell locks. This drawer provides a convenient storage space for your locks, ensuring that they are readily accessible whenever you need them. This feature helps you maintain a tidy and organized workout area while keeping your barbell locks secure.

The Barbell Stand is designed exclusively for Olympic barbells, providing a precise fit that securely holds your barbells in place. This ensures that your barbells remain stable and protected from damage when not in use, extending their lifespan and maintaining their performance.

Experience the convenience and functionality of our Robust Barbell Stand. Organize and store your Olympic barbells with ease while adding a touch of style to your training area. With its sturdy construction and thoughtful design, this stand provides a reliable storage solution for your barbells, helping you maintain an organized and efficient workout space.

Technical Specifications:

Size: L x W x H: 720 X 467 X 228 mm

Product Weight: 36.5 Kgs.

Number of bar holders: 9 

Advance Drawer for Barlock and Accessories area: 165 x 460 mm both side


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