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Introducing the Mag Handle, our best-selling fitness accessory designed to elevate your grip st more

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Introducing the Mag Handle, our best-selling fitness accessory designed to elevate your grip strength and enhance your workout experience. With its versatile design and high-quality construction, this handle is a must-have for anyone seeking to maximize their performance and results.

The Mag Handle offers three close grip handle options, each with a pronate (overhand), supine (underhand), and neutral angle. This variety allows you to target different muscle groups and optimize your exercise routine according to your specific goals. Additionally, the wide handle option provides a supine, neutral, and pronate angle for added versatility and muscle engagement.

Constructed from high-grade HR steel, the Mag Handle ensures exceptional durability and longevity. The handles feature a matte finish rubber coating on the inside, delivering a comfortable and secure grip. This rubber coating not only enhances grip stability but also provides a constant tight grip even if your hands get sweaty during intense workouts.

To ensure the long life of the Mag Handle, we have taken extra measures to perfect the bonding between the steel and rubber components. By utilizing a specialized glue during the manufacturing process, we have created a strong and reliable connection that can withstand rigorous use over time.

One of the standout features of the Mag Handle is its washable design. The handles can be easily cleaned, allowing you to maintain a hygienic and fresh workout environment. This feature ensures that you can keep your handles in optimal condition, ready for your next training session.

Experience the popularity and performance of the Mag Handle, a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its versatile grip options, durable construction, and washable design, this handle is the ultimate companion for maximizing your grip strength and optimizing your workout routines. Elevate your training and achieve your fitness goals with the Mag Handle.




Technical Specifications:
Length: 570 mm
Weight: 2.75 Kgs


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