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Farmer Walk 2.0, an upgraded version of the classic Farmer's Walk implement designed to take yo more

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Product Description

Farmer Walk 2.0, an upgraded version of the classic Farmer's Walk implement designed to take your strength and grip training to new heights. With its robust construction, superior load capacity, and innovative features, this is the ultimate tool for developing strength, endurance, and grip power.

                   The Farmer Walk 2.0 is built to withstand heavy loads and intense training sessions. With a remarkable load capacity of 400 kg, this implement allows you to challenge yourself and push your limits. Whether you're an elite athlete or a dedicated fitness enthusiast, this equipment is built to handle your most demanding workouts.

                  We've equipped the Farmer Walk 2.0 with four durable horns, providing ample space to load your weight plates. These horns are designed for optimal functionality and longevity, with hardchrome plating to resist wear and tear and ensure smooth loading and unloading of your weights.

                 To enhance your grip during exercises, the Farmer Walk 2.0 features 1.25 IWF knurling on the handles. This knurling provides an exceptional grip, allowing you to maintain control and stability even when handling heavy weights. With this added grip, you can focus on your form and performance without worrying about slippage.

                  The robust design of the Farmer Walk 2.0 ensures its longevity and durability. Constructed with 10-gauge steel and 6 mm laser-cut plates, this implement is built to last. The fully welded construction ensures structural integrity and eliminates any weak points, providing you with a reliable and stable training tool.

                  One of the key features of the Farmer Walk 2.0 is the addition of front and back loading horns. These horns offer a versatile grip placement, allowing you to vary the distribution of weight and challenge your grip strength and balancing abilities. This feature adds an extra dimension to your training, helping you develop well-rounded strength and coordination.

                 Experience the next level of strength and grip training with our Farmer Walk 2.0. With its superior load capacity, durable construction, and innovative features, this implement is the perfect tool for building total-body strength, enhancing grip power, and improving overall performance. Push yourself to new limits and achieve your fitness goals with the Farmer Walk 2.0.

Technical Specifications:
Size - L x W x H: 520 x 1200 x 1115
Weight - 72 Kgs
Pulling Hook ID - 12 mm
Loading Weight Capacity - 600 Kgs


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