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                Introducing our Strongman Powersled, a premium-quality machine designed to provide an exceptional user experience and target a wide range of muscle groups. With its sleek and eye-catching design, this powersled stands out from the competition and delivers a complete full-body workout.

              To ensure optimal performance and durability, our powersled is designed to be used with special artificial grass sprint tracks that are highly resistant to the intense demands of sled training. This ensures a smooth and reliable sled pushing or pulling experience, allowing you to focus on your training without worrying about surface damage or friction.

              The benefits of using a powersled are numerous. Pulling heavy weights on the sled helps increase overall strength and muscle mass, while pulling lighter weights over longer distances primarily improves aerobic capacity and conditioning. Sprinters utilize powersleds to enhance their sprinting speed, while rugby players utilize them to improve their tackling and blocking abilities. The specific benefits of using a powersled depend on your goals and the exercises you choose to perform with it.

               Our powersled offers a variety of lower body exercises that specifically target different muscle groups. Walking or running forward with the sled develops strong calves, hamstrings, and glutes, while walking backward targets the quadriceps and hip flexors. Moving sideways primarily targets the inner and outer thighs. These exercises can be performed using a harness, holding the pull rope, or by pushing the sled. When you choose to hold the pull rope yourself, the activity in your core and arm muscles significantly increases, providing an additional workout for these areas.

                In addition to the lower body exercises, our powersled allows for a wide range of upper body exercises that can be performed using free weights or strength machines. You can incorporate exercises such as chest presses, pec flies, rear deltoid flies, rows, bicep curls, and triceps extensions into your training routine using the powersled. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for targeting multiple muscle groups and achieving a well-rounded workout.

               With its dimensions of 1200 mm in length, 520 mm in width, and 1115 mm in height, our powersled provides a compact and space-efficient solution for your training needs. It weighs 72 kg, ensuring stability during intense workouts, and has a remarkable load capacity of 350 kg, allowing you to challenge yourself with heavy weights.

       Experience the superior quality and versatility of our Strongman Powersled. Enhance your strength, conditioning, and overall performance with this exceptional training tool. Push yourself to new limits and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.


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